My inspiration is...
... the splendor of the Greek mountains with the icy peaks, the mysterious alpine lakes
... the golden beech forests and the cool fir forests
... the sound of the river's song coming down foaming through deep ravines and gorges
... the intoxicating aroma of narcissus, the color of maple in autumn, the breath of liquid fog
... the unforgettable experience of meeting the lord of the forest, the brown bear, and the wolf, with his proud look
... the soaring of the golden eagle the lonely black vulture, which captures and enchants with its size splendor
... the harmony and grace of the heron and the flamingo in the Greek wetlands.
All the above and many other amazing things of Greek nature, combined with the skillful  use of a camera,  allow the photographer  to capture the feeling of   the moment. By adding  experience, emotion, and the artist's eye,  the perfect combination is created to capture the wonder of nature.